Alize' Riley, Opelika, USA

Alize' Riley

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21 years old, Leo,

Opelika, USA

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I give all praises to AHAYAH for me being alive and being a witness of his goodness and his patience. He has shown me how faithful he has been to me and how I must do the same toward him. I was born in downtown Montgomery, Alabama. My parents are still living today and I only have one sibling which is my older brother Terrell. Me and my brother are 10 years apart in age difference but we are very close brothers both being blood and spiritual in this walk with AHAYAH together. Our mom is growing steadily in the knowledge of who she is as a Hebrew and also in the Knowledge of our Father AHAYAH. We have always been close ever since we were Christians. We are still close til this day growing in spiritual understanding and also in high levels of spiritual knowledge. Terrell has a wife named Ashley and a family of three which is my 6 year old nephew Elijah, 3 year old niece Lorelei, and my 6-7 month niece Havanna. I currently reside in a city called Valley, Alabama which is only an estimate of 30 minutes away from Opelika, Alabama. One thing about my intermediate family is that we have always maintained a strong bond between one another besides the dysfunctional matters in the family and that is something that I will never take for granted. There is really no words to describe the spiritual journey that AHAYAH has put me on and also the people that he has put along my pathway to get to where I am now. Before I had came into the faith of knowing who I am and how special I am to the Father; I always had the mindset of just wanting to be a humble obedient servant to the Father and wanting to be pleasing in his sight. I was a Christian before I had came into the truth of who I am. Now I see the reason why he kept me alive so that I would be able to receive the knowledge of who I am as a Hebrew which was actually in March of last year through Terrell that knew someone through Facebook that connected him with another Brother in the faith that actually lives in close proximity. The Father had to allow something tragic to happen in order for me to see the truth of reality and I can't thank nor praise him enough for that. During that time, I was really seeking AHAYAH wholeheartedly because of the confusion from Christianity and what I was going through. Now I see that he kept me alive to see the importance of keeping and obeying his commandments, laws, and statutes. This is one of the things that has humbled me in my life and I would not trade it for anything. I have always learned that humility is one of the characteristics that will carry me through this present life. I learn to cherish each moment of the day that the Father allows me to see and always looking forward to what AHAYAH has in store for me next. I actually have the desire to share the spiritual knowledge that I have learned with a companion that is willing to live this set apart walk out with me. I am looking forward to seeing who would that be. I truly am looking for someone that loves AHAYAH and YASHAYA with all her heart, mind, and soul.

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— Woman
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— 18-20
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5,8 ft (176-178 cm)
51-60 kg
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No, I am single
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— A visit to restaurants
— Vegetarian
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— English
— Hebrew
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— Smell
— Massage
— Photo and video
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— action movies
— Biographies
— Historical novels
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— camping
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