Chanah Azariah Yasharahla, Phoenix, USA

Chanah Azariah Yasharahla

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40 years old, Leo,

Phoenix, USA

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Shalom. I've been walking in the knowledge of truth regarding my identity and obligation to keep Torah for 8 years now. I'm a happy, upbeat sister with spiritual sight. I love my nation and constantly pray for ways to assist our people in connecting and community development. I am also a seamstress and make all body soaps, toothpastes and personal care products...kind of a nature nut. I LOVE to study the scriptures and challenge myself to grow in them daily. I love comedy, poetry and music! I enjoy taking walks, swimming, bowling (even though I'm not that great ) spending time with my family. Laughter is a must. I am one of those people who put all of me into everything I do. I work, love, pray and play very hard. What you should know about me is I am also a very dedicated mother I love my children and am dedicated to growing them in this truth, they are home schooled and taught to keep Torah. Know that I have made an allegiance to my Father that I will keep His commandments until the end of time.

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