Akim Ahava, Dallas, USA

Akim Ahava

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35 years old, Capricorn,

Dallas, USA

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Remarkable Hebrew Man with an amazing soul that is YAH engineered however the human (flesh) of me is imperfectly perfect so I fall short of being perfect. I'm a "real" person not "holy than thou" I come wit flaws however my man flaws make me who I am and I am growing daily becoming more and more of the Man that I've been designed to be.

Ready to travel

I am looking to marry

Wish to meet:
— Woman
Preferred age:
— 36-40
— 41-50
Purpose of dating:

About me

Ethnicity (Tribe of Israel):
No, I am single
Food and Drink:
— Cooking
— A visit to restaurants
Languages spoken:
— English
— Hebrew
No, but I want
Place of residence:
Live in a rented apartment

About me

What excites me:
— Clothes
— Smell
— Massage
— Photo and video
— Teaching
— Family
— Culture
— Other
— gardening
— Photo
— Others
Arts and Entertainment:
— action movies
— Biographies
— Crime dramas
— Historical novels
— poetry
— Reality Series
— Romantic comedies
— Stand Up Shows
— Thrillers
Traveling and Tours:
— camping
— Luxury tours
— Road Trip / Road Trip
— spa
— Weekends
— Classical music
— Alternative / Indie
— Jazz
— rhythmic
— Hip-Hop